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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I spend much of my time post-session, reflecting on time spent with my last partner - and play partners before them. Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of reconnecting with one of my favorite play partners. As usual, we caught up, shared a little bubbly, lots of laughs and conversation (negotiation) about the (past & future) ways I was preparing to.. invade.

Much of the discussion focused on how far he'd journeyed with me since we began. In a prior session I learned of his love for hosiery, lace, lingerie & such. And in the spirit of growing within our play - within our kink - I invested in more hosiery, garters & even another corset that would venture him even further into his desires.

I introduced him to costume bondage. Warming him up with my infamous fondling, we began. Usually when we play his sight is deprived. And while it’s preferred that my partner’s sight is deprived, I felt the need to mix things up a bit this go round. I incorporated a bit of layered bondage with a spandex/nylon hood, layered it under the Mr. S Leather Muzzle (padded/locking model). His arms were bound & decorated with my Opera Style Bondage Gloves from The Stockroom - which have such a pleasant aroma to them! I took one of my 1 1/4” wide straps and wove it from behind his neck, forward, under his arms and locked it up behind his back - making him feel nice and snug. I locked the globes behind his back and I made him look straight in the mirror nearby. I uttered nothing, not a word. Rather than using words to describe what he could already see, I let his imagination do the talking. They say the inner reality creates the outer form. And with my leading vision in mind, we created a new canvas.

We took a break about halfway through the session. I removed the restraints but kept the hosiery on him. With a camera in hand, I captured a number of moments. But one moment in particular stood out.

He stood in the window of our suite wearing a garter, opaque stockings and a lace thong. Mind you, it was broad day light. And for a moment, I stepped outside of myself to acknowledge fully what I was witnessing. This large, Black queer individual stood proudly in a window - no blinds or curtains to conceal him - wearing “women’s” lingerie. In full defiance and care-free of potential onlookers, he stood still long enough for my candid photo. I felt proud. I felt even more free. As disconnected in distance as we were, I still felt a profound connection to him.

Perhaps he wears lingerie in a window at home. Perhaps he doesn’t. But independent of whether or not, I felt empowered being able to bring that moment to life. And for him to share that moment with me.. brought the brightest yet sinister smirk to my face.

And although our scene was not yet complete, *that* my kind of aftercare.

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