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It was nightfall over Charm City. Time crept closer and closer to the witching hour. I was feeling bold, so the curtains allowed the neighboring buildings downtown a full view into my debauchery. What might have been mistaken for a position of comfort to a third eye, proved to be the complete opposite for my submissive.

Locking straps from chest to toe, stretched tightly, he was intricately tethered to the office chair. His palms and legs were wide open - ever so vulnerable. The only movement available to him was making a fist or horizontally squirming about with his legs. A total enclosure leather hood fit perfectly over his head. The anonymity it gave him, put the brightest gleam in my eyes. The chef's kiss was clamping a Master lock onto the hood - reminding him he wasn't going anywhere.. until I released him. As intense as it was, the height of my antics had yet to be seen. Objectifying him had only begun.

I felt like a child in a candy store. I relentlessly pulled at his tits. Firmly pinching at his nipples, engraving my nails across his thighs, softly caressing his abdomen and returning to a mild torture of his nips - my every move made him quiver.. over and over. Tugging away at the straps to reassure him of their security, I dared him to move. Any attempt he made to get up brought about my sinister Wednesday Addams smirk. It felt like poking a jellyfish at the beach; waiting to witness its reaction, giving no regard to your impact on the fish. That's the kind of objectification I revel in.

During a session, I thoroughly enjoy standing behind you, breathing down your neck and whispering filthy shit in your ear (if your hearing isn't deprived). I came from behind my prey and looked him straight on - hood still locked in place. Hovering over his fully erect dick, I let my body's warmth and breathing do the teasing. I spat on it. Hearing his gasps through the hood aroused me. I bit my lips as I watched my saliva navigate its way down his shaft, through the crevices of his thighs and into the depths of the darkness.

Yea. I'm one perverted motherfucker.

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