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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

No one loves a quickie - until they do.

I am known for leading extended sessions, easily. Two hours is almost never enough for me. Yet my brief hour with this ginger, was no less electrifying than the lengthy experiences that preceded it.

He found me a few hours before I was headed out of town to my next tour. Initially, I was apprehensive about playing within such a short window - especially considering that my upcoming travel arrangements were set in stone. However, I surrendered to my own spontaneity, and a rendezvous was made.

Sight deprived, corset bound and me breathing down his neck. I pressed my claws into his chest and sighs of release followed. Things heated up swiftly. I looked him over as he sat before me in heavy bondage, balancing a kneeling hogtie position. His member reached its fullest measure as it peaked outside the jockstrap he wore. Whether his arousal was brought on by my sensations, the degree of trust he'd surrendered to me - or both - early on, one thing was clear; this could not be the last time we played.

Clovers to his tits, the Hitachi greeted his gooch, his mobility ever so limited.. his breathing intensified. It was rather contagious, actually. I found myself becoming quite primal - realizing I could hear my own breathing as well. But as our enthusiasm piqued, our time was running out.

After a few bites of his nipples, forcing my fingers into his mouth, my endless slaps to his chest and plump, hairy ass, our respective "space" had been reached. Pressed together so closely. I was so close. He was so close. My lips, his lips - apocalypse. And just as I reached in for a kiss, my alarm to leave goes off.

Time's up.

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