I have established three appointment options that best reflect my most effective ways of connecting with you.

We'll rendezvous in a luxurious 500+ sq ft. venue.


If you wish for me to travel elsewhere, please specify that in your inquiry.

Select a title from below.




This path introduces you to my style of play.
 We explore power exchange, bondage rigging & new or mutual interests.

On this journey, you discover the basics of various bondage capacities, yielding just enough fun for the bondage newbie. QoS is also perfect for my seasoned partners who may be limited on time. 
This session may last up to 3 hours.


Become familiar with me, as I lead you in broadening your perspective of bondage. 

In such a brief window of time, we'll connect like you've never before!

Tribute $1,500




Take the day off. We'll immerse ourselves in what feels like an endless trance of incredible bondage.

Through this path, I empower you to venture further into your kink.
We can also indulge in any kind of bondage rigging or interests we share - for as long as I choose to keep you. Relatively 4+ hours of connection that challenges you to play even better, harder.


Revel in an exquisite ecstasy of edge play - one that submerges you into the depths of your submission.

Tribute $3,000



An option for those who wish to connect in & out of scene. Let's rendezvous one afternoon or evening and enjoy time out on the town.
 We'll head back to our suite and relish a bondage-focused nightcap. Then, wake up to a bright, shiny morning of even more  bondage for breakfast!

 No utensils required. I have all the fetters we'll need. ;-)

Tribute: $5,000+

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