I'm Henry. 


I am an artist. I am known as a bondage-rigging dominant, who specializes in leather bondage. The past 6 years of my life have been spent embracing my love for the art of bondage, discipline, dominance & submission, and sado-masochism.


My craft focuses on restrictive, constrictive, heavy, predicament, immobilizing, improvised and inescapable bondage. I work with only the finest of restraints in the business. I've curated a collection of leather goods from Mr. S Leather of San Fransisco, The Stockroom, Fetters UK, Leather Creations and other leather craftsmen.

Restraints aside, I have many wonders I've mastered over the years. I am quite skilled in corporal/impact play (bamboo/rattan canes, buffalo hide floggers, OTK, paddles, whips, etc.). Breath play, corsetry, e-stim, exhibitionism, golden showers, hosiery, human furniture, insertables, key holding, nipple play/torture, objectification, sensation, sensory deprivation, sounding, temperature, wax, voyeurism and Zentai suit play are also of profound interest.

My hard limits include: blood, scat, permanent marks, the use of poppers & drugs. These are non-negotiable. Conversely, the hard limits you convey to me, will be equally respected.

Ensuring that we are the best fit for each other is paramount. I welcome inquiries only from those who invest in their leisure just as considerably as I do. Whether your tenure in kink is limited, or if you're a seasoned player, our connection will be built on trust, discretion, boundaries and mutual interests alike. No matter whom I connect with, our experience will challenge us both to play in ways that make us even more aware of ourselves.

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