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The value of my time is not measured by the hour. The figure I determine will be based on the nature of the experience we curate. Understand that that figure will be on the higher end of the spectrum - and requires an installment.


Complete the contact form. Within it provide answers to all of the inquiries.

 Fill your words with respect, intention and gratitude. Know that I do not meet with anyone for a same day appointment.

 Convince me why you should be within proximity of me:




I am accepting a select number of inquiries during the covid-19 pandemic. While I regularly session with a small network, I will further reduce the number of partners I connect with.

During your scheduled appointment, please bring a surgical or N95 mask and rubber gloves with you. Please inform me if you do not have protective equipment. Expect to wash your hands upon arrival. All items and furniture will be thoroughly sanitized before and after our time together. As always, we will play as safely as possible.



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